Recent Media Coverage

Beating diabetes in children (Rochdale Online)

Sport an interest in coaching (Oldham Chronicle lead story)

90 years on from the discovery of penicillin (Bioscience Magazine, feature)

Our founder on That’s Manchester TV with the Chorlton Good Neighbours 

Theatre podcast on Fennikusu Productions (Connecting Creatives, featuring Pete Gibson)

90 years since the discovery of penicillin (Bioscience Magazine feature)

Stop bugging doctors for antibiotics (Rochdale Online)

Health Zone plan to tackle obesity (Oldham Chronicle) 

Trojan horse solution to antibiotic resistance (founder Pete Gibson on BBC Leeds drive time 1hr 48 mins into the show) 

Step-up that arthritis management (Rochdale Online)

Antibiotic Research UK charity on Anna Foster programme (BBC Five Live) 40 minutes in

View from the Cheap Seat feature on Fennikusu Productions

Antibiotic crisis has fallen off the agenda (The Times)

Kids bronchitis hospital grant (Sheffield Star)

Shortage of funds for antibiotic research (News Medical Life Sciences)

Hospital staff among first to signpost homeless to GPs (Bury Times)

BBC Radio Manchester feature on Fairfield Hospital becoming Homeless-Friendly (2 mins 18 seconds in)

Hospital flies the flag for better homeless care (Rochdale Online)

That’s Manchester TV feature on Homeless-Friendly

Penicillin’s creator foresaw the antibiotics crisis we face today (GP Online) 

Let’s not be lax about vaccinations (Rochdale Online) 

GP’s call for people to be trained in helping people with mental health as they are in CPR (Bolton News)

Why we need a change of mind on mental health treatment (Rochdale Online)

Doctor calls for change of mind on mental health (Oldham Chronicle)

Our founder on Mike Sweeney show BBC Manchester, domestic abuse (one hour, eight minutes in) 

Time to be mindful of our young people (Rochdale Online)

Woman reveals vampire horsefly bite injuries (The Daily Mirror) 

Horsefly bites experts warning (The Independent)

Plague of vampire horseflies (The Sun)

Fears over plague of vampire horseflies (The Mirror)

Plague of bloodsucking vampire horseflies (Daily Express)

Plague of vampire horseflies (Daily Mail)

UK hit by plague of bloodsucking horseflies (Daily Star)

Oldham GP – Treat any insect bite “fast” (Oldham Chronicle)

Horsefly bite fright need your attention (Rochdale Online)

Vampire horsefly death threat (STV)

Plague of horseflies winging their way to Britain (Newcastle Chronicle)

Plague of vampire horse flies (Liverpool Echo)

NHS future “hangs in the balance” (Oldham Chronicle) 

Prevent many unhappy returns to private healthcare (Rochdale Online)

Patients with penicillin allergies more prone to superbugs (Daily Mail)

Greater Manchester practice becomes Homeless-Friendly (ITV News) 

Greater Manchester surgery becomes Homeless-Friendly (Management in Practice magazine)

Heywood surgery hosts homeless healthcare (Rochdale Online) 

Hopwood becomes Homeless-Friendly (Manchester Evening News) 

Beware Dr Google’s diagnosis (Rochdale Online) 

PGM founder on antibiotic resistance (BBC Radio York Drivetime 2hrs 15mins in) 

Pharmaceutical drugs found in York’s two rivers (Minster FM)

Volunteers deserve “support and respect” (Oldham Chronicle) 

New cabinet member addresses health inequalities (Oldham Chronicle, front page)

Health inequalities and the homeless (Frontline Network)

Bury’s pledge to the homeless (About Manchester)

How to safely last the fast during Ramadan (Rochdale Online)

Bury becomes first borough to guarantee medical attention for homeless (Bury Times)

Charities urged to work together to combat superbugs (European Pharmacist)

Superbug battling charity welcomes NHS cleaner pay rises (Cleaning Matters)

Our founder is interviewed on Greater Manchester Fringe play Powerhouse Town 

Silent killer, fatty liver (Bolton News)

Let’s chew the fat on liver disease (Rochdale Online) 

GP urges awareness of liver failure risks (Oldham Chronicle)

Time to move Mr and Mrs Mop to the top of our society (Rochdale Online)

EPM pharmaceutical magazine feature on ANTRUK charity

Affordable homes the key to reducing homelessness (Revolution Radio)

Bolton urged to ration the chocolate (Bolton News) 

Will my infection kill me? (Daily Telegraph)

University of Lincoln research on antibiotics (BBC Look North) 3 mins 49 seconds in

University of Lincoln research on antibiotics (BBC Radio Humberside) 2hrs 46mins in

University of Lincoln research on antibiotics (BBC Radio Lincoln) 2hrs 5mins in 

GP’s stark Easter eggs message (Oldham Chronicle)

Ignore egg-traordinary chocolate health claims (Rochdale Online)

NHS shortages could unleash superbug epidemic (Laundry and Cleaning News International) 

Warning nurse shortages risk reversing infection protection (Nursing Times)

Stay strong and become an antibiotics ambassador (Pulse Today)

Antibiotics awareness conference (BBC Radio York) 1hr 2mins in

Under-staffing leads to medical mistakes (BBC Radio Manchester news) 1hr 2mins in

Don’t put off that visit to the doctor (Oldham Chronicle) 

Don’t let embarrassment smear your chances of survival (Rochdale Online)

New antibiotic family discovered in dirt (London Evening Standard)

New antibiotic family discovered in dirt (BBC News Online)

We need a whole society approach to tackle antibiotic resistance (GP Online)

GPs among first in the county to help the hidden homeless (Bolton News)

Parents should embrace new advice on snacking (Oldham Times)

Pack in the snacking (Change4Life, Rochdale Online)

Surfers more likely to harbour superbugs (The Independent on behalf of ANTRUK) 

Nursing crisis (BBC Radio York on behalf of ANTRUK 53 mins in)

Article on microneedle research to combat antibiotic resistance (In-Pharma)

Pete Gibson on behalf of Antibiotic Research UK – Mike Sweeney’s BBC Radio Manchester show (27 mins in)

Better self-care could beat the winter cold crisis (Pulse Today) 

Advice to patients on Australian Flu (Granada Tonight)

NHS winter pressures  – Mike Sweeney’s BBC Radio Manchester show (28 mins in) 

Resolve to make 2018 the year of the homeless 

Homeless-Friendly interview on BBC Radio Humberside (2hrs 14mins in)

Government urged to find solution to homelessness (Oldham Times)

Homeless-Friendly on the Chelsea Norris Show BBC Radio (2hrs, 13 mins in)

Medics attend Salvation Army drop-in (Oldham Times)

Don’t let the thought of the morning after hang-over your Christmas

Gaydio interview on Douglas Adams

Watch out for hypothermia warning signs (Bolton News)

Cold shouldn’t spell trouble for the vulnerable (Rochdale Online)

GP backs worldwide antibiotics campaign (Oldham Times)

New play about Adams hits Liverpool (Sci-Fi bulletin)

Pete Gibson on BBC Breakfast – Douglas Adams play (One hour, 27 minutes in)

Chapter in the life of Douglas Adams (Liverpool Sound and Vision)

We Apologise for the Inconvenience (Northern Soul)

‘Why antibiotic resistance is now our planet’s biggest health issue’ (Yorkshire Post)

Quartet make pledge for homeless

We apologise for the inconvenience interview with writer 

New play charts Douglas Adams’ writer’s block

Don’t demand antibiotics from doctors (Bury Times)

Oldham eatery first to become homeless-friendly (Oldham Times, Front Page)

Don’t demand antibiotics from doctors (Bolton News)

We need to work together to combat antibiotic resistance (GP Online) 

Cold or flu why antibiotics are not for you (Rochdale Online)

A chance to give homeless administrated health care (The MancUnion) 

Health centre part of new homeless friendly scheme (Bolton News)

Oldham puts helping the homeless into practice (Revolution Radio) 

Homeless-Friendly practice (BBC Radio Manchester, one hour, 27 minutes in)

Potentially life-saving scheme will give homeless patients vital access to healthcare (Manchester Evening News)

How Manchester practices are helping homeless patients (GP Online)

Greater Manchester practices start homeless-friendly scheme (BBC News Online)

Time you flu to your GP for a jab

Spotting the signs of an emergency 

BARDOC rated “Good” in latest CQC report (Bury Times)

Brush-up on caring for your teeth (Rochdale Online)

Only Labour can tackle the tragedy of homelessness (Labour List)

Rural homelessness a cause for national shame 

Prognosis “Good” for emergency healthcare service (Rochdale Online)

How Hyde partnership helped Liza go on “journey of personal development”

Box off those holiday jabs now (health tips) (Rochdale Online)

With Rosie Fleeshman promoting Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, Chelsea Norris Show, BBC Manchester (one hour, 21 minutes into the show)

Virtuoso – BBC Radio Manchester, Andy Crane show 2hrs 54mins into the show. Sue Jenkins and Pete Gibson

Virtuoso play – Becky Want interviews Sue Jenkins and Dr producer Philip Hinchcliffe (2 hrs 47 mins in)

Dr Chauhan gives tips on how to last the Ramadan fast (Rochdale Online)

Co-operative spirit is the key to BARDOC’s 21st success (Bury Times)

Breathe easier by drawing up an asthma plan (Rochdale Online)

BARDOC clocks-up 21 years of care (Rochdale Online)

Dr has Labour candidate appointment (Rochdale Online) 

Dr Chauhan seeking Labour nomination for Rochdale seat (Rochdale Online)

The runners and riders to replace Simon Danczuk (Labour List)

Beating stress at testing times (Rochdale Online) 

Sick of Brexit? Challenge politicians on NHS instead (Rochdale Online) 

Memory loss may not mean dementia (News Republic)

The General Election: Quote from Labour in Oldham (Oldham Chronicle) 

Salford actor in interracial drama (Salford Star) 

Prestwich actor tackles three major theatre roles (Bury Times group)  

Why small practices should be supported – GP Online

Rosie Fleeshman BBC Radio Manchester – spoken word poetry 2hr 50mins in 

Don’t fall foul to bowel cancer 

Diversity and women in theatre, That’s Manchester TV

Burnley director set for stage debut (Burnley Express)

Beating the eating disorder stigma TV feature

Feature on Andy Crane show – Stockport International Young Musicians Competition 2017 – 2hrs 49mins in 

Stockport International Young Musicians Competition TV feature

Gain some advice on memory loss (Rochdale Online)

Laughable to see Jeremy Hunt recruit foreign doctors (Labour List)

Health: Break bad habits and beat heart disease (Rochdale Online) 

A Comedy Whodunnit In Salford Will Make Your Valentine’s Way More Memorable

Putting the Christmas spirit in perspective (The Guardian)

It is morally repugnant that any human faces the fear of homelessness – so what the Dickens are the Tories doing about it? (Labour List)

Don’t bug doctors for antibiotics (Rochdale News)

IRA bomb 20 years on (Manchester Headline News clip featuring Pete Gibson)

Staying well at winter (Oldham Chronicle)

Coronation Street celebration (ITV News)

Good mental health at Christmas (Rochdale Online) 

Manchester celebrates Hilda Ogden (Manchester Evening News)

Trade and technical piece on GP bureaucracy (GP Online)

Greater Manchester health devolution (BBC News)

Starburst International sci-fi festival (Manchester Headline News clip)

Children’s TV film festival featuring Russell T Davies (The Bolton News)

The effect of bogus whiplash claims on GP workloads (Pulse Today)