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Sport an interest in coaching – beat childhood diabetes

Adults in Oldham need to set a better example by eating healthier diets and even mentoring football teams and dance groups – if we are to stop an alarming number of kids getting type two diabetes. That is the view of health campaigner Dr Zahid Chauhan after shock new statistics showed that nearly 7,000 young […]

Stop bugging doctors and instead raise cash

Quit quibbling with your GP about getting antibiotics for a cough, cold or sore throat and instead donate the price of a prescription to help beat deadly superbugs. That’s the message from British-based charity Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) at the start of World Antibiotic Awareness Week (12-18 November 2018) – as they bid to find […]

Taking away obesity and creating good air quality

Oldham Council last night (Wednesday 7 November 2018) heard how we desperately need to create areas free of polluted air and unhealthy food around our schools. Prior to the passing of a resolution to create a healthy thriving Oldham, Councillor Dr Zahid Chauhan (Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care) told a full council meeting: […]

Alert on dearth of antibiotics research

A national charity will use the 90th anniversary of the discovery of penicillin to call for a massive injection of funds into antibiotic research – or risk returning humanity to an age where people died from something as simple as a scratch. In the presence of Sir Alexander Fleming’s granddaughter nurse Sarah Whitlow (pictured), attendees […]

War chest for Sheffield bronchitis pilot

Includes list of grants award recipients from Hatfield, London, Oxford and Sheffield Medics at Sheffield Children’s Hospital have been given a small grant that could make a huge change to the way a common and severe chest condition is treated nationwide. Protracted Bacterial Bronchitis (PBB) is a bacterial infection of the airways. It is the leading […]

Fairfield flies flag for better homeless healthcare

Fairfield General Hospital in Bury has become the first hospital in the UK to pledge to be part of the Homeless-Friendly programme – helping rough sleepers receive care before they fall dangerously ill. A lack of permanent address means that many people experiencing homelessness believe they cannot get treatment at their local GP. Instead they […]

No unhappy returns to a pre-penicillin age

“Stop tarnishing the legacy of Britain’s greatest health discovery and instead fund new treatments to prevent deadly superbugs.” That’s the message being delivered on the 90th birthday of penicillin (Friday September 28th 2018) by charity Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK), who state that a failure to build-on that pivotal moment in history has resulted in a […]

Dr calls for change of mind on mental health treatment

How to counsel someone with mental health problems should be taught in the same way we train people to save lives through CPR. That’s the view of health campaigner Dr Zahid Chauhan who also wants to see people with suicidal tendencies treated as seriously as other emergency patients on hospital wards and in surgeries. Speaking […]

Horsefly bite threat wings its way to Britain

A plague of vampire horseflies bringing with them the threat of serious infection has illustrated why Britain must lead the race to develop new antibiotics – claims a charity. The hot weather has seen populations of bloodsucking clegs – or horseflies – reach Mediterranean levels. And with the female feeding off blood, Antibiotic Research UK […]

Hopwood hosts homeless healthcare

A Heywood surgery has become one of the first in the country to pledge to practice good healthcare for the homeless. The Hopwood Medical Centre on Walton Street has agreed to become Homeless-Friendly and ensure that all patients receive quality treatment regardless of whether or not they have a permanent address. This after rough sleepers […]

Hands-up for healthcare volunteers

Oldham Council’s new Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care has paid tribute to the “staggering contribution” made to wellbeing in our borough by volunteers. But Dr Zahid Chauhan has also called on more to be invested to help to set-up volunteer-led programmes to combat problems such as loneliness – rated recently as a bigger […]

Charities can prevent antibiotics disaster

Charities will today be encouraged to “stop working in silos” and instead join together to defeat the biggest health crisis facing human existence – antibiotic resistance. Good causes representing everyone from heart disease victims to military veterans will be at a roundtable discussion  (Tuesday May 15) to examine the problem – which currently kills around […]